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Exolaunch Team at The 69th International Astronautical Congress

5th October 2018

One of our highlights of the year so far was Exolaunch’s participation in the 2018 Astronautical Congress (IAC), a space convention which changes its host and global location annually. This year we were closeby to the convention, only having to travel from Berlin to Bremen. Bremen is a major space centre within Europe, due to its focus on space research and space technology development.

This was an excellent opportunity to share insights and the ideas on the future of new space with the major players in the industry. The theme of this year's IAC event Involving Everyone focused on space diversity and the global space network. We found this on point, especially as the possibilities that space offers us become greater with every passing day and as the future points to more global and cross-sector collaborations.

Exolaunch team

Visitors to the Exolaunch stand gained a deep insight into our launch and mission services and space-logistics management. We also had on display our highly-regarded cubesat deployment system, EXOpod, which garnered immense interest from visitors throughout the event. The positive feedback we received was exciting and ensured Exolaunch is never short on interesting conversations with new and old friends and partners within the space and satellite community.

Overall, we were thrilled with the 2018 Astronautical Congress in Bremen and look forward to presenting Exolaunch next year, wherever that may be, with our latest developments.


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