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A High-Powered Partnership: Exolaunch and Momentus

Bringing the society ever closer to a thriving in-space economy, Exolaunch has signed a partnership agreement with Momentus. Exolaunch will act as the launch provider for the first in-orbit test of Momentus’ microwave electrothermal plasma propulsion system in Q1 2019.

Momentus’ revolutionary water plasma propulsion technologies and spacecraft platforms with their high ∆V capabilities will enable Exolaunch’s clients to deliver payloads from LEO and GTO to GEO the Moon and beyond.

Exolaunch team took part in the Toulouse Space Show

“The propulsion technology Momentus is developing is perfectly suited for low cost access to the orbits higher than LEO,” said Dmitry Bogdanov, CEO Exolaunch. “Use of low pressure water as a propellant unlocks the potential for ride share launches and dramatically reduces the price of access to GEO, Lunar Orbit and Deep Space for small satellites. We plan to actively use Momentus’ high Delta-v capable platforms to deliver payloads for our customers beyond LEO.”

Momentus is developing the first in-space rockets powered by water plasma engines. Their rockets utilise solar energy to heat water with microwaves to create thrust.

“Exolaunch is an experienced launch provider and small satellite player, they are an excellent partner for the solutions MOMENTUS is developing,” Mikhail Kokorich, Momentus President noted. “We are planning to jointly develop rideshare options for clients who would like to deliver payloads to destinations currently unreachable by small satellites.”


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