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Space. Solved

We enable the visions of some of the world’s most ambitious and innovative companies. This has made us a preferred partner in the NewSpace industry.

How We’re Different

This Is What Drives Us

Our core focus is on giving our customers legendary customer service which includes some of the most affordable pricing in the business and a tailored experience to fit the specific needs at hand. This foundation of our company is what continues to make us stand out, and is frequently demonstrated through an ever-returning list of clients. With deep trust in our expertise, passion and technologies, we have solidified our reputation as the go-to launch services provider for an easy and dedicated earth-to-orbit experience.

Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Space - A Place Where Heritage Matters

A spinoff from the Technical University of Berlin, we have been pioneering the development of small satellite technology and services from the dawn of the NewSpace era. In 2009, when the future of launch services was only just becoming a reality, we were developing opportunities in Europe for what would later become known as ‘rideshare missions’.

Since that time we have delivered more than 80 smallsats into orbit and developed some of the most technically advanced separation systems and cubesat deployers on the market.
As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible through every product and service we make available, it’s clear that our heritage is what enables our future.

The Experience

The Experience

Out Of This World Service

The experience you have while getting from earth to orbit is our primary focus. Both our attention to your specific requirements and our ability to deliver solutions that meet them in a personal way ensure that your mission runs smoothly and above your expectations.

With EXOLAUNCH, expect the most able, knowledgeable and expert one-stop shop for small satellite logistics on the planet.

Our Experience

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Outstanding Results Start Here

EXOLAUNCH is made up of a highly skilled international team covering various specialized disciplines. These disciplines cover the areas of space engineering and launch services through to scientific testing and operations.

Our team’s experience and knowledge are the result of management and academic roles from both German and international universities and SMEs in the NewSpace sector. Adept in our chosen industry and on the edge of its latest innovations, we share a passion for simplifying the process involved in reaching space.

Mission Statement

EXOLAUNCH is your on demand small satellite launch services provider who-through passion and expertise-enables your vision of shaping earth from space.

Ready to Access Space?

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